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The PlayGround PlayGroup is a year-long, collaborative workshop culminating in the PlayGround Festival, enforcing Fresh Ground Pepper’s mission to prompt and provoke the artist to make art. It is a place where writers and creators of varying mediums convene to convert their pages, projects, and ideas into fresh new works.


Now in it’s fifth year, The PlayGround PlayGroup meets monthly to share work, commiserate about writing and life, and eat lots of snacks, enforcing Fresh Ground Pepper’s mission to provoke artists to take risks, and to bring artists together and present work mid-process to supportive audiences. Their projects will debut at the first ever Fresh Ground Pepper Festival in Spring 2018.

Applications are open to both emerging artists who have complete drafts of their work and those whose ideas are very fresh. Established artists trying their hand at a new craft are also welcome to apply.

Applications for this year’s group are now closed. Stay tuned for an announcement of this year’s artists, coming soon!.


Previous PlayGroup Members
PlayGround 2009
Down The Toilet by Aaron Schroeder
The Dark Reality of Horace and Millie by Brooke Bundy
The Infinite Bigness of the Universe by Chris Chan
Masters of the Universe by Jais Brohinsky
Prep by Lorelei Ignas
Alligator Summer by Dylan Lamb

PlayGround 2010
Lust Trust by Alexandra Bassett
The Friedman-Vargases by Andrew Farmer and Emma Koenig
What It’s Like When Two Geeks Love Each Other by Jaclyn Backhaus
Treeplay by Alyssa Yackley
Sheeple by Mara Wilson
Hobbes by Matthew Robert Gehring
There Is No Isabelle by Dylan Lamb
Companion Piece by Kevin Armento

PlayGround 2011
Companions by Ali Mendes
Puppetonia by Sarah Todes
Fat Fat Fatty by Alex Kveton
SER by Dylan Lamb
Folk Wandering by Jaclyn Backhaus, Mike Brun,
Blake Allen, and Joel Esher

PlayGround PlayGroup 2012
Kevin Armento
Andrew Farmer
Theresa Giacopasi
Anna Greenfield
Preston Martin and Jaclyn Backhaus
Max Reuben
Evan Watkins

PlayGround PlayGroup 2013
Trevor Bachman
Salty Brine
Max Freedman and Hugh Trimble
Dylan Lamb
Dano Madden
Callan Stout
Emma Tattenbaum-Fine

PlayGround PlayGroup 2014
Taylor Adamson
Mikey Barringer
Amy Virginia Buchanan
Sam Corbin
Noah Mease
Jay Stull
Ellie and Drew Vanderburg
Antu Yacob

PlayGround PlayGroup 2015
Molly Beach Murphy
Julia Izumi
Andrew Scoville
James Monaco
Joe Castle Baker
Chris Tyler
Lindsey Hope Pearlman
Matthew Jellison
Charly Simpson
Jamie Effros
Claire Keichel

PlayGround PlayGroup 2016
Andrew Butler and Jordan Fein
Cat Crowley
NicHi Douglas
Ryan Fogarty
Tory Keenan-Zelt and Ilana Becker
Gordon Leary and Julia Meinwald
Nikki DiLoreto
Kareem Fahmy